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PANDAS/PANS Questionnaire


How can I get help using the Application.

If you can't figure out what to do on a particular page go to the "Help" section in the upper right hand corner.  It will take you to a YouTube video designed for that page.

Can I print my symptom charts for our clinicians?

Yes! You are provided with many ways to graph and print your symptom data.  To find out how, visit the help section on the graph page. Once the graphs have been generated, it is best to print it as a PDF document and hand it to your clinician. 

How often can I fill out a questionnaire?

There is no limit to the number of symptom questionnaires that can be filled out.  You will set the days and times that questionnaire reminders will be sent to your smartphone but in times of crises, you can easily opt to fill out forms daily.   

Is there a cost of using the app?

Currently there is no charge for parents or patients to use the app.  Our goal is not to charge for the app use. This could change if additional funding is not secured. 

Is my information safe?

Yes! Your information is encrypted in transit from your phone to the servers and the information is also encrypted on the servers.  We are serious about keeping your questionnaire results secure! 

Can reminders be sent to smartphones outside the United States?

Currently reminders are only sent to phones in the US.  Users in foreign countries can still use the app by going to Http://  Bookmark the site and set the alarm on your phone as a reminder. 

FAQ's Continued

I cannot find the App on my phone


The PANDAS/PANS App is a tool that is not actually an App like you are use to.  It is a tool that is located on servers and accessed securely through a web browser.  This allows you to access the application through a smartphone, tablet or your computer.  

You can get to the application by using any web browser and navigate to  This will take you to the login page.  You will sign in with your email and password that you have created.  Once you enter this information you are into the application and can fill it out the questionnaire. 

The system is designed to "remind you" that it is time to fill out the questionnaire.  You select the day and time that works for you will get a text on your smartphone that reminds you fill out the application. Once you log in you will likely have the opportunity to have your phone save your email and password. If you desire to do this the login procedure is much easier.